Policing Timeline

Policing and Resistance in the U.S.
An incomplete timeline compiled by the Chicago Prison-Industrial Complex Teaching Collective and Chain Reaction: Alternatives to Calling Police, initiatives of Project NIA

Author’s note: This timeline is designed as a tool for popular education about the history of policing and resistance to policing in the U.S. It is very incomplete and ideally its use will integrate the knowledge of workshop or training participants. We have loosely divided it into trends and themes in order to make it more useable in a brief interactive activity; there is not usually time to touch on all the specific points we have even in this limited timeline. There is also a bit of a focus on Chicago; every city could probably have its own timeline of policing. We hope you will add to it and correct it as you feel fit, drawing on the wisdoms of the people you are working with.

History of Policing Timeline Activity Description

Timeline of Policing and Resistance FINAL