There are several upcoming projects for the Collective in 2012. We look forward to sharing more information about each of these in the coming weeks.

1. Members of the PIC Teaching Collective are currently part of a participatory action research and popular education project organized by Project NIA called “Chain Reaction: Alternatives to Calling the Police.”

2. We will also be developing and facilitating a workshop about prison abolition.

3. Some Collective members are part of coordinating a citywide public art and community engagement project called “The Missing.” The Missing is a public art/consciousness raising/community engagement project to focus public attention on the epidemic of mass/hyper incarceration in Chicago.

There are three main goals for this project:

1. To reduce the shame of families and others who have a loved one who is incarcerated by finding a public way to embrace them and also encouraging them to bring an artifact of their incarcerated loved one into the public square.
2. To encourage more Chicagoans to focus their eyes, ears, minds and spirits on the problem of mass incarceration.
3. To involve more people in the struggle to dismantle the PIC.

4. Members of the PIC Collective will be developing a set of publications about policing, violence, and resistance in 2012.

5. We will continue to support existing and emerging anti-prison-related organizing efforts and campaigns as we can.