Local Campaigns

We will use this section of the blog to update interested individuals about the current local campaigns to dismantle the PIC. If you are leading a local campaign or know of any that you think we should feature, please contact us at chipicteach@gmail.com with information.

Project NIA has two current advocacy campaigns:
1. The UN-marked Campaign seeks to reform and simplify the process to erase juvenile criminal records. The Campaign is attempting to pass legislation to ensure the automatic expungement of mere arrests for juveniles in Illinois.

2. Closing Illinois Youth Prisons – This campaign seeks to raise public awareness about the fact that prison is “no place for kids.” Specifically, we will be spending 2012 educating Chicagoans about the ineffectiveness of juvenile incarceration. The goal of this campaign is to push the Governor of Illinois to recommend the closure of at least three more youth prisons in the next five years.